golden globes: hits and misses

the golden globes are still currently airing, but it’s never too early to do a fashion round-up. so here goes. 

some trends i noticed on the red carpet were nude/fleshy tones and emerald green gowns.  the nudes ranged from peach to champagne. nude is one of my hot new colors right now so i approved. i loved how most of the emerald green textures were heavy with texture. so good! 


January Jones in Versace 

This daring all-fringe Versace was divine on January Jones! It’s always a risk to wear red because of how it will look on a red carpet, but January Jones pulls it off like no other. I also love her old school glam hairdo.

Jennifer Lawrence in L’Wren Scott

Newcomer Jennifer Lawrence has not yet disappointed me this awards season. She’s definitely one to watch for her daring choice of fashion. The back of this dress was interesting, too. I’ll try to find a picture and post it later. 

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein

So I know this dress is in between for a lot of people. But I really liked it on her! She looks elegant, sophisticated, and very mature. I didn’t even mind her blonde hair with this peach ensemble! 


Mila Kunis in Vera Wang 

One of the on-trend green dresses on the carpet. Mila Kunis looked stunning in this heavily textured Vera Wang one-shoulder. Elisabeth Moss, Angelina Jolie, and Catherine Zeta-Jones were also on trend and had amazing dresses! 


Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf

I was so looking forward to see what she would wear with her newly acquired baby bump. That drab black and white dress for the Critics’ Choice Awards did her no justice and neither does this dress. Not only do I not like the pale pink color, but what is up with that red rose in between her boobs? Awkward. 

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

Maybe I just don’t like pale pink. But this Oscar de la Renta did not wow me. I might have enjoyed it in another color. Maybe a deep purple. Sorry Lea. Your hair looked really good though! 

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang 

I have no qualms about this dress…from the front. The color is great. It fits her like a glove. The cool neckline and peplum are interesting details. What I don’t like is the corset in the back. All of the grommets are exposed, and I just did not appreciate Sofia! 


Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit

This 14 year old has some serious style! She looks so chic and so age appropriate. That is always my biggest complaint for teenagers going to awards shows, that they look and dress so slutty. I’m not sure who the designer of this dress is, but kudos to you! 

Ryan Gosling

So I don’t judge men’s tuxes very much, unless they are not wearing one or it is in a ridiculous color, i.e. anything other than black. I love a man in a suit, and Ryan Gosling does not disappoint. Bowties and five o’clock shadows are an extra plus. His hair is disheveled, but not too messy. Big ups to you, Ryan!

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